Saturday, October 28, 2017

LAPD officers find a illegal Marijuana concentrates extraction Lab | Baddboyfilms News

Marijuana honey oil explosion | Fire damages Woodland Hills home

YouTube on Scene with Firefighters and Arson Investigators: 

Photo | Raw Footage CREDITS: Baddboyfilms News, Oct. 28, 2017 7:23pm Los Angeles, CA

Fire trucks line the back streets behind Topanga Canyon Blvd on N. Don Pio Dr after a emergency 911 call came from one of the locals.

 An explosion was reported to 911 operators at 7;23 pm Saturday October 28 by a neighbor of the location inferno. 

Flames crawled up the walls of the side gate separating the two properties in this residential neighborhood with mostly medium sized modern remodeled homes built in the 1960s. 

Los Angeles Firefighters arrived on a single-family dwelling to find all occupants had escaped the flames. Flames were all along the north side of the structure and extended to the guesthouse’s attic. Firefighters stung large fire hoses across N. Don Pio Drive from fire hydrants and into the fire truck’s water blasts to recharge their reservoir tanks during the pumping of water from their fire engines into the structure fire and on the roof. 

Firefighters climbed the roof of the residence at 5300 block along N Don Pio Drive to battle the flames from above and cut holes into the roof to ventilate the smoke. 

Firefighters had found a room in the back guesthouse that showed positive for a Marijuana Growing and Manufacturing Lab. 

It showed that the  Marijuana honey oil residues prove this may be a crime scene instead of accidental fire. 

Arson detectives were summons by Battalion Chief LAFD and a crime scene here at the location was being sealed off during the criminal investigation by Arson investigators. 

Los Angeles Police Officers covered the address incase there would be any criminal arrests made from the house if the investigators decided they had a criminal cause into a prosecutable case under meth, drugs, Marijuana manufacturing labs, meth labs, or growing marijuana without proper permits. 

Topanga Police Department Officers were on scene, sent for a back-up unit to take a police report into the criminal investigation of possible Marijuana honey oil explosion being there center of the cause, though this possibility is still being investigated and has not been the final decision of the cause of the fire. 

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Santa Clarita brushfire @14 Freeway exit Placerita cyn. rd | Raw Footage



City of Los Angeles news, local:


Sunday, June 25, 2017 
Photos and Raw Footage Credits: Baddboyfilms News

Los Angeles County Fire Officials told the Media that the 871+ acre brush fire started this afternoon after a car crashed into a tree near by the 14 South Freeway and Placerita Cyn Rd. Authorities called in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to create road blocks inside the Eastbound lanes of the Antelope Valley 14 Freeway and halt traffic till L.A.Co. Firefighters could extinguish the fire.

Freeway Traffic was at a crawl while LASD directed drivers off the freeway and re-routed them onto Eastbound Sierra Hwy where they then were cut off and had to be forced to U-Turn back onto the 14 Freeway 1 mile east of where they had exited the 14 to begin with. It was a complete circle mile drive and people were so mad at the situation after driving one direction for a hour at a crawl then being forced to turn around and get back on the 14 Freeway at Placerita Canyon only to head back South to L.A. again. Cars were overheating on the freeway and traffic was a heated mess. People even were parking on the shoulder hating others that cut them off. 

BRUSH FIRE 20690 Placerita Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91321, USA
There was no where to go, Fire was everywhere and the authorities didn't want people to pull off the sides of the roads and park so they directed them on a path out of harm's way. Even though it was frustration all the way for drivers who were very tired from work and upset about being stuck in this traffic that made a mess out of their route back the Lancaster, CA. and Palmdale, CA. It is the only freeway there from San Fernando Valley. 

Cal Fire crews battled the blaze through the night and mop-up operations continued into late Monday evening, reports stated on Tv and the Radio. 
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Police: Pasadena old town | Downtown Man screaming

23600 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91321, USA

UPDATE: Santa Clarita 851+ Acres Burned Sunday. Placerita Cyn. Rd. 14 Freeway Brush Fire...Placerita Cyn. Rd, brush fire, burned,, los angeles, firefighter, cal fire, local news, 871+ acres, blaze, brush, scorched, 14 freeway, baddboyfilms news

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Woodland Hills crash texting and driving | Raw Footage

Woodland Hills Crash

A female driver heading West on Erwin St ran a stop sign and rolled it, crashing her red brand new mustang into the parked cars 

Credits: Baddboyfilms News

A Woodland Hills woman driver was reportedly texting and driving her newer model Cobra Mustang 2016 when she crashed it into 3 parked cars April 30, 2017 9:30 p.m. 22100 block of Erwin St. cross street Glade Ave. Woodland Hills, CA

Police arrived to assist the uninjured female who was already climbing outside of her rolled red Cobra Mustang and as officers approached the woman, she began to shout and cry about how she was angry at her boyfriend, that his texting her distracted her from driving. She was amazingly ok but a little shaken and Police had to try to get her to calm down so the Paramedics on scene could assist her in a few minor cuts on her forehead.

The accident all started when the driver in the red Mustang had been speeding from Topanga Cyn. Bl. signal traffic light westbound on Erwin St. and as she approached the intersection of Glade Ave. at Erwin St. westbound at a very irregular high rate of speed burning rubber like a street race, she failed to yield the four-way stop sign at this intersection and her car veered to the right lanes and into the rear of one parked car which created her Ford Mustang Cobra to flip vigorously and violently multiple times into the middle of Erwin St.

One young woman, 28 years old was transported to a local emergency room after she was noted as being sitting in the driver's seat of the first car which the Ford Mustang Cobra had impacted into it's reared first while approaching the parked cars along the North side of Erwin St. just about 50ft west from Glade Ave. Police said. 

OPG Howard Sommer's provided the transportation for the red Ford Mustang Cobra and the other cars were still at the scene. Side swiping 2 other cars and one rear ended. The 28 year old woman was released from the local hospital on her own a few hours later. No other reported injuries here. Fire station 105 and Fire Chief Tim S. on scene as incident command. E305, l.a.f.d., Fire truck E105, R.A. E72 Hook and Ladder E105 Station 105 Firefighters, L.A.P.D. Topanga Police on scene. 

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Photo credits: Baddboyfilms News

Fire Chief in command Tim S. L.A.F.D. authorized a Rescue ambulance to transport the young female to the hospital pending treatment inside the emergency room. E105, lafd City Fire Department on scene, Hook & Ladder E105, Truck 105, Truck E305, RA72 transporting female.